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If people can reconcile after genocide, they can reconcile after ANYTHING. That’s the hope born from Rwanda. Two decades after a million people were murdered in just 100 days, the success of peace education in Rwanda is inspiring leaders from communities in crisis today. 

In this webcast series, you’ll learn from eyewitnesses about Rwanda’s horrific genocide and stunning recovery; the people who developed its peace education program provide you with first-hand insights, and you’ll experience in a workshop on forgiveness which has seen participants in Rwanda and the Central African Republic give up plans for armed revenge. 

Also featuring live performances from young Rwandan artists, this immersive program will move, inspire, and leave you with invaluable takeaways for personal and professional life.

Presented by Aegis founder

Dr James Smith 

With contributors including

(in scheduled order of appearance) 

Esther Mujawayo, Romeo Dallaire, Teta Diana, Linda Melvern, Freddy Mutanguha, Angie Harmon, Hope Azeda, Malaika Uwamahoro, Sandra Shenge, Marc Gwamaka and Rocky Dawuni.